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Message from the Principal

Rev. Dr. Lee Mee Onn

Facing the Challenges with Boldness

Approaching the second year as principal, I am still facing challenges from various areas. Due to changes of personnel and regulations in the immigration department, the visa renewals for eight of our fourth year International students were rejected. Furthermore, the new visa applications for five of our new international students were also turned down. It was a great challenge for us to trust the Lord for His divine intervention in the process of appealing for the above visas. Praise the Lord that the visa approvals were granted on March 11, 2016!

As our present campus is situated in the suburbs with low population density, the internet service in our area has not been fully developed. For this reason, we always face difficulties in our internet access. It also affected our plan to upgrade the library database system. Praise the Lord that there is a new housing and shopping project under development in conjunction with the additional Sungai Serai interchange which will be ready within this year.

We were asked to surrender our land in order to enlarge the existing road, which forced us to put our second phase of the building project for the library and family quarters on hold. Praise the Lord that after waiting and praying, the authorities granted approval for us to keep our land and chose to utilize the not yet developed land on the other side of the road instead. Pray that the final approval of the building plan will be granted to enable the project to be launched by the end of this year. With the above development, more married students, faculty members and their families would be able to stay on the campus to enhance the spiritual formation of the student body as well as drawing more part-time students from the neighboring churches to take elective courses.

In view of the above mentioned challenges, the Lord has drawn my attention to His exaltation for Joshua to be strong and courageous in the face of new challenges (Joshua 1:1-9). The key is to hold on to the promises of God, experiencing His presence and obeying His commands. It will help us to gain strength and faith to face the various challenges ahead.

In conjunction with my installation, my wife shared a song with me entitled “Be Courageous” with the following poem written by a godly sister Liu Hsia who spent most her life in a wheel chair:

Oh Lord, help me to be courageous, Courage to admit my failure, Courage to examine my mistake, Courage to face the existing suffering,

Oh, Lord, help me to be courageous! Able to speak the truth when encountering evil, Able to fight for truth when encountering injustice, Able to come forward when encountering needs, Able to have victory when encountering trials.

Oh, Lord, help me to be courageous, Help me to be courageous. In the area where I need to be courageous!"

May this poem help us to be courageous to face the coming challenges and able to imitate the servant leadership of our Lord Jesus Christ in challenging times.**

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